Burn Permits

Beginning January 1, 2017, anyone in the City of Vidor seeking a burn permit will need to go to Orange County Emergency Services District #1, located at 2351 Highway 12, Vidor. Restrictions for burning inside the city remain the same, but the location for issuing the required permit will change. 

The following items, while not an exhaustive list, shall not be burned: household solid waste, tires, petroleum products, putrescible waste, hazardous waste, construction or demolition waste, garbage or municipal solid waste, treated wood, furniture, carpet, electrical wire, appliances, diseased animal carcasses, or any other item thought by the federal, state, or local government to be a public nuisance or hazard.

For more information regarding the issuance of burn permits in the City of Vidor, feel free to call the City of Vidor at 409-769-0150, or Orange County Emergency Services District #1 at 409-769-8294.