Vidor Animal Shelter Gets Colorful Facelift

terry.jpg Beginning back at the end of July, the Vidor Animal Control facilities started undergoing a dramatic transformation.

 Local artist, Terry Bussinger of NVS-Ink Art Studio was comissioned by the shelter and Friends Of Vidor Animal Control (FOVAC) to design and hand-paint a pet themed mural spanning the entire front of the main building. Clocking in at almost 500 square feet, the mural would be one of the largest hand-painted outdoor art pieces in the Golden Triangle.

 Containing eight dogs and two cats, all of which will melt your heart with their soulful eyes and playful poses, the piece captures the emotions and attitudes of the residents often found inside. From the Alaskan Husky to the Calico Cat, the pallette of colors used for each animal starkly contrasts with a deep blue background, causing them to almost spring to life.

 After being rained out too many times to count, a hurricane, historic flooding, and one rather severe sunburn, Bussinger says he is happy that the project is complete. He hopes that his artwork will make the Vidor Animal Shelter more inviting to everyone from everywhere, in turn, getting more animals adopted and into loving homes and families.

 If you are missing a pet locally, or are interested in adoption, feel free to stop by the shelter at 155 Watts Street between the hours of 7:30am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. Several pets are anxiously waiting for their owners to claim them, and many more are up for adoption.
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