The Texas Maze Of Terror

Posted by T Bussinger. Posted in Front Page

 Somewhere in the distance, the sound of metal on metal tears through the woods. The shadow of a man with a double-edged axe flashes across a wall as something unknown brushes your shoulder. A woman's scream fills the room, formless silhouetted figures surround you, they begin to laugh. 

 Welcome, dear victims....er, friends, to The Texas Maze Of Terror. 

 Located at 1745 Highway 12 in Vidor, Texas, The Texas Maze of Terror is a seasonal attraction that is open Fridays and Saturdays from October 1st until November 5th. Tickets generally go on sale around 7:30 pm, and the horrifying nightmare...uh, show... begins around 8pm.

 From the dimly lit passageways that twist and turn in on each other to the creaky floorboards and disembodied heads,  every single detail of this place is designed to creep you out. And believe me, they left no creepy detail un-noticed. At almost every turn, some fresh hell has been devised to rattle your nerves. The maze is broken up into sections called  the Moonshine Inn, The Twisted Clown House, Knackers Yard, The Swamp, and The House of Crazies.

 The twisted clown house is exactly what it sounds like. A neon labyrinth complete with a giant hammer-wielding razor-toothed psychotic clown, who,  judging by the smile on his face,  obviously enjoys his job. In one very dark room of The House of Crazies, an unfortunate prisoner suddenly takes a smoky and spark-filled ride on the electric chair. At the Moonshine Inn, a seemingly-benign cat-lady playfully swings from the ceiling. She is neither benign nor playful, take my word for it.  At one point, I was almost sure that I had stumbled into the iconic TV scene from 'Poltergeist', only to take a few more steps and find myself in a 1950's retro styled kitchenette,  occupied only by the screaming souls of the damned.  The Swamp is an outdoors portion of the maze, as are several others. Pay no attention to that scarecrow, he's totally not there to scare you.

  This year is the Texas Maze Of Terror's 10th anniversary starting with Dena Tobleman, and her garage haunts for her her sons birthday party back in 2006. The following year Dena became ill with cancer and Jim Denson took on the project and the building responsibilities.  We lost Dena in 2008, and Jim moved the haunt to the football field as a fundraiser for VFTFA.

In 2010 Brian and Jim started the Maze of Terror on Hwy 12 and continued the fundraising efforts for VFTFA. During 2011,  The Maze started donating to Vidor Project Graduation and Boy Scouts of America. Throughout the  2012 season, Brian and Jim rented a house on Bolivar St. for their haunt.  Finally, in 2013 the Maze landed in its final resting spot, 1745 Hwy 12.   

Brian, Ettie, and their daughter Savanna Thompson are owners of Texas Maze Of Terror. Of course, Jim Denson and his boys continue terrorizing people with them to this very day. Just one big happy psychotic family.