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holiday shopping safety tips, safety first, family shoppingOut Shopping?

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and I would like to remind everyone of using common sense in your travels around the area. If you are planning a long day of shopping, take a friend or family member with you. Let others know you will be out shopping. Carry your cell phone and communicate with friends and family often. Do not carry large sums of cash with you unless absolutely needed as flashing cash can very easily make you a target of thieves. Try not to over burden yourself in the carrying of a lot of packages. This makes you easy prey for the “grab and run” type of theft. Make trips out to your vehicle and deposit the purchased gifts in the trunk if at all possible. If your vehicle does not have a trunk or anyplace to place packages completely out of sight, you are subject to having them stolen. Yes, your car is locked and all that, but the windows break easily. Thieves think nothing of breaking your windows to get a known payoff. Your personal security is mostly in your own hands. If you start to your car and see anything suspicious or troubling, GO BACK INTO THE STORE and call police and/or security. Tell them what you saw and ask for an escort to your vehicle. Be ready to leave with your keys in your hand. Do not unlock your car with the key fob until you are in sight of your car!

Just a few tips hoping to make everyone’s shopping experience a little safer!
Dave Shows, Chief of Police