Posted by Katrina Smith. Posted in Front Page

road closed, construction barriers, detour signSome of you have no doubt noticed the on-going construction on Main St. between IH-10 and the railroad tracks. This construction is part of an improvement to the sanitary sewer system. The pipes that are being replaced are the original concrete pipes and some of them have reached their life expectancy. The contractor for the job, T Con Inc. is utilizing a method of “pipe bursting” to replace the lines without having to completely trench the roadway. As a result of this type of replacement, large holes must be dug into the existing sewer system every 60 to 80 feet. Because of this, traffic is slow moving and backed up in this area. Your patience and cautious driving in this construction area is appreciated by other drivers as well as the construction workers. Everyone needs to remember that being a courteous driver is contagious and most other drivers take note. If you do not have time to be delayed in this area for the next week or so, you should plan an alternate route to avoid the area. This improvement to the sewer system is a little inconvenient right now but it will be short lived. Please be a safe driver and have a good holiday season!

Dave L. Shows, Chief of Police