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    If you should happen to find yourself traveling down IH-10 or Hwy 105 through East Texas, stop by our City Hall at 1395 North Main Street, and visit the Walk Of Fame to learn about the rich musical and artistic history of Vidor, Texas. 

    For the past 60+ years, Vidor has had the distinguished honor of being home to some of the most talented and famous people in the world. No less than five world-famous country and western superstars, Miss Texas, a Olympic Gold Medalist, two world-famous opera singers, a world-famous artist, and more published musicians and singer / song writers than any one city outside Nashville Tennessee, have called Vidor Texas, home.

    The Walk of fame was dedicated on November the 1st, 2010 along with the dedication of our new City Hall, fulfilling the dream of another Vidor resident, Mrs. Johnnie Andruss, who headed the project and wanted to honor all the accomplishments by the talented residents of Vidor. In all, 40 achievement awards were delivered to the persons whose names now grace the front steps at Vidor City Hall.

    gallery images courtesy: Debbie Slaughter and Tamara Hext Hilliard

    Below, you will find a map to our Walk of Fame, links to information, and photo and video galleries about each person on our Walk Of Fame. Please be aware that this list is far from complete, and we will be adding more articles soon.
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    Animal Control Officer / Shelter Manager
    Sherri Morris - Animal Control Officer / Shelter Manager
    Sherri Morris
    155 Watts Street
    Vidor, Texas 77662
    Phone: (409) 769-8718
    Fax: (409) 769-0203
    Animal Control Officer
    Brian Barnette - Animal Control Officer
    Brian Barnette
    155 Watts Street
    Vidor, Texas 77662
    Phone: (409) 769-8718
    Fax: (409) 769-0203
    The City of Vidor Animal Control Department's fundamental duties are to enforce local and state laws; investigate allegations of animal cruelty; investigate animal bites; and educate the public in the prevention of animal bites and diseases of animals.

     Education is centered toward diseases that spread from animal to animal, as well as animal to human. Vidor Animal Control stresses the importance of having animals vaccinated annually against rabies along with the importance of having animals spayed or neutered. Vidor Animal Control has pets for adoption. You can find these pets on or on Facebook/Vidor Animal Control.  Please call Vidor Animal Control for fee amounts.  Fees are subject to change at any time.

    If you have a lost pet, please contact Vidor Animal Control by e-mail at or by phone at (409) 769-8718.

    Pursuant to Texas State Law, all animals four months of age or older adopted from a shelter shall be spayed or neutered, and are required to have a current rabies vaccination administered by a licensed veterinarian.

    During emergency situations, classes, or absences, there may not be anyone at the shelter.  If there is a problem in your area, please call the shelter at (409) 769-8718, leave a message, and an officer will get back with you as soon as possible.  

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