To find out if you have an active warrant with the Vidor Municipal Court, you may:
Perform A Warrant Search..
*Begin by typing a last name, the search will be performed automatically
*Click or tap on your result to be taken directly to VidorPayments.com.
or call (409) 769-7452. Calling the Court office is the most accurate way to find out if you have an active warrant.

Call The Court Office (409) 769-7452
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The warrant search and list are updated weekly or bi-weekly, as time allows. Warrants are cleared or served daily so this search function and list are NOT as accurate as calling the court office.

If you were arrested, paid your warrant, or your warrant was cleared for some other reason and your name is still on this list, the system will automatically clear your name once the list is updated. 

A peace officer CANNOT arrest you using only the information from this list.
This search function and list are for information purposes only.  A peace office must have the actual warrant in hand to proceed with an arrest.  
The Court will issue a warrant when:
You fail to appear in person or in writing to make a plea to violations you are charged with in the Court.

You fail to comply with the orders of the Judge. 

You do not complete a payment plan or fail to make timely payments as ordered.
In ADDITION, when a warrant is issued:
You accrue additional fines and fees.

A hold is placed on your Texas driver's license and you will not be able to renew or change information until the hold is removed.

An NRVC suspension is placed on your out of state driver's license.
A scofflaw hold is placed on your vehicle registration and you will not be able to renew your registration.

Your warrant and vehicle information is sent to the Police Department, and

Warrants that go unresolved are placed with a collection agency. This results in collection calls and an INCREASE OF 30% on the amount you already owe. If you have received a call from the collection agency, you may contact them at 1-800-555-5160.
Contact The Collection Company 1-800-555-5160
You WILL NOT be arrested on a warrant(s) issued by this Court if you appear in Court to resolve the warrant.
Resolving a Warrant without going to Jail:
Call the Court office to be added to the next available docket to appear before the Judge.

Enter a plea of no contest or guilty to the violation and pay the warrant in full. Only you or your attorney may enter a plea and pay your violation unless the warrant is a capias profine and a plea has previously been entered.

Enter a plea of not guilty to the violation, post bond on the warrant, and be placed on the Court trial docket. In certain hardship cases, the Judge may waive the bond.

Pay your warrant(s) in full online through the Payment Group at www.vidorpayments.com or by calling them at 1-800-444-1187.  Do not subtract the processing fee or tax charged by The Payment Group from the amount you owe the Court.  That fee is in addition to the Court payment.
In some circumstances, the Judge will allow a defendant to set up a payment plan at the window to recall the warrants. 
Call the Court office at (409) 769-7452 for more information.
Call The Court Office (409) 769-7452

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