City Secretary

Vicki Watson
Vicki Watson

1395 North Main Street
Vidor, Texas 77662
Fax: (409) 769-8853

(409) 769-5473 x141
The City Secretary's office gives notice of meetings, prepares meeting agendas and records the minutes of Council meeting proceedings. The City Secretary authenticates all ordinances and resolutions by signature and keeps a record of each ordinance and resolution passed by the City Council as prescribed by the Charter of the City of Vidor. The City Secretary is the keeper of the official City Seal, affixing it to all instruments requiring such seal.

The City Secretary conducts all City of Vidor Elections. The City Secretary is responsible for the preparation and publication of all official notices, preparation for election officials and polling place, and the receipt and filing of all candidate forms and reports. The City Secretary also serves as the Early Voting Clerk.

The City Secretary is also the City's Records Management Officer and is responsible for managing, certifying and preserving the records of the City of Vidor. The City Secretary also provides information and assistance to the public in locating the correct sources for government information.